5 Interesting Facts about Sushi

5 Interesting Facts about Sushi You Probably Didn’t Know.


>> Sushi is not of Japanese Origin

Southeast Asia is the source, around the Mekong River that fermented fish wrapped in sour rice known as Nare-zushi, originated. It made its way into China and definitely Japan. Hanaya Yohei is behind today’s modern Japanese cuisine concept.


>> Sushi started-off as Low-priced Fast Food

It was a snack to eat during a theater performance. Later on it boomed into a fancy dining experience.


>> Sushi with hands, Sashimi with Chopsticks

Fingers are the original tool of Sushi eating while chopsticks were only used for Sashimi slices.


>> Samurai Chef

The blade used to thinly cut sashimi is sharpened daily as the Samurai’s sword. A must!


>> Always eat your Miso Soup First, not Last

Have your Miso Soup for entry, it is an important factor for a good digestion!