Must-Know Customs & Traditions Part I

Must-Know Japanese Customs & Traditions for an Authentic Sushi Experience.

Living in any country that is not Japan might be in itself a factor that takes away from the first-hand overall eating process. Be it in the cuisine, environment, culture, do’s and don’ts or habits.

That does not mean that we cannot eat sushi like we’re in Japan, the Japanese way, all the way.
There are many guidelines, if followed correctly, that will recreate a genuine sense of this cuisine.

You might think that this is applicable to any cuisine, not just this one. That is true, however, the etiquette of Japanese dining is indeed a notch more unusual than others. Curious to know by now? There goes, your ‘how-to’ tips for an enhanced culturally rich sushi-eating experience.

Let’s tackle some of the pre-eating preps along with some don’ts.

1- Choose your chopsticks (That is another topic to deal with, later)
2- Use a wet towel to clean your hands. (To be used for your fingers afterwards and not your face)
3- Do not pour a lot of soy sauce from the top, that might be wasted. (This is considered a taboo in Japan)
4- Do not leave your chopsticks in the bowl or plate, but on the side.
5- Do not smother your soy sauce with a lot of wasabi, this will take away from the taste and reflects non-appreciation of the raw taste.
6- When adding wasabi, do not suck the remaining portion off of your shopstick, this reflects bad manners.
7- Never eat ginger with a sushi piece at the same time.

They are indeed small details, meticulous to deal with. It is fun and very interesting to try it out at least once and it might pick up faster than you know!

More to come.