Must-Know Customs & Traditions Part II

Must-Know Japanese Customs & Traditions for an Authentic Sushi Experience. (Part II)

If you haven’t caught up with Part I, you should totally head over to (insert link) to get on the path of an authentic know-how sushi experience right from the top!

Let’s dig deeper and explore those Japanese customs. It keeps on getting more and more interesting.

Tackling the chef-clientele relationship, the counter is the place to be for a first-hand experience.

>> Greet your chef and make sure not to address him/her unless it is necessary.

>> Show interest in his/her recommendation, picking up the menu instantly reflects disinterest in his hand-picked choices.

Upon establishing that, the chef will feel more entitled to answer back with utmost special care.

>> The chef is regarded as an artist – avoid side talks and chit-chats that might come off as distraction.

Abiding by this small yet crucial protocol is a guarantee to an exceptional meal turn-over.

>> Do not tip your chef! Tipping in Japan is a completely different story, done according to a specific code.

>> Propose a shot of sake, if he/she takes it then have one as well!

Feeling the urge to interact with your Sushi chef?