Shrimpaholic (part I)

Shrimp are among the most popular and delicious types of seafood, consumed worldwide, in Japanese cuisine and others.

Along with its insatiable taste, come several health benefits to this ingredient, which ranks it among the ‘super foods’.
Let’s get to the bottom of it, here’s what shrimp can do for you as a nutritional added value!
Planning on losing some weight?
Shrimp are carbohydrate-free, rich with Protein – Vitamin D -Vitamin B3 and Zinc. This makes it perfect to level up the circulation of Leptin, the hormone that regulates your body’s fat storage and appetite. Did you know that the lack of Leptin leads to food cravings and obsession?

Shrimp doesn’t only look good, it makes you look better!

Their pink color is the result of astaxanthin in their texture which in itself contributes in protecting your skin from premature aging.
Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, shrimp help in:
Producing new hair and skin cells – Keeping the hair shiny by maintaining the oil-secreting glands on the scalp – Preventing hair loss – Thickening your hair – Intensifying its color with the copper it contains.

Now, let’s have some shrimp!