Shrimpaholic (part II)

It takes us more than a day to celebrate one of our favorite superfoods: Shrimp! As we’ve covered in (insert link of part I blog article), shrimp have a lot to offer as health benefits, beyond its deliciousness.

How else can we profit from consuming this type of seafood? Besides weight loss, appetite control, premature skin-aging protection, hair loss prevention, etc. Shrimp provide protection against cancer. How?
Selenium is the key! Shrimp are filled with this mineral which fights cancerous tumors to prevent them from growing; it boosts our immune system and restrains blood vessels from developing to the tumor. It seems we’re all dosing up on shrimp hereon after!

But that’s not all – if you’re probably wondering about cholesterol, rest assured; though shrimp are high on cholesterol, studies have proved that it is not bad for you after all!
A lot of tasteful shrimp recipes await, let’s go get them!