Create Your Own Zen – Go Japanese

You’re at the comfort of your home and feel like having your sushi dosage; the food is covered, you can order online and with one click get it all done. But what about the mood, the setting and the Japanese feel that accompanies your dining experience?
The Japanese culture is known for its serenity, tranquility and peacefulness that were all translated into architecture and design.
You can create a harmonious ambient with just a few practical tricks, here’s a list of decorative items you can add to your house:
• The ‘Nature’ Element
Bring some traditional Japanese plants such as bonsai or hanging terrariums, you can also add any green plant or place yourself in a green environment overlooking a natural view of trees. Stones and wooden elements are recommended too, bamboo floors or walls, even frames and vases.
• The Furniture
Let’s get on the floor with a low table and cushions. Scents and candles are a must. These will soothe your senses and transport you as you enjoy the tasty flavors of your dish. If you’re in for some lighting, you can adopt the dim effect of lanterns covered in textile. Keep it minimal.
• The Details
Make sure not to surround yourself with a lot of decorative items, make it simple with the needed mentioned elements, get rid of electronic devices that will cause distraction, make it soft underneath you and around you with the natural fabrics that consist your furniture and choose them in earthy colors.

Now get in your Zen.