Sake or Wine?

One myth suggests that you shouldn’t drink sake with sushi due to the fact that they are both made out of rice. Japanese would disagree with that, along with a lot of sushi eaters. It is also referred to as wine but this brew is, in fact, unlike any other.
The volume of alcohol in sake is higher than wine – bear in mind your tolerance!
The 60+ different types of rice selected for sake’s fermentation determine its taste; this process validates its delicious compatibility with spicy dishes in particular. The sweetness of its texture, along with the stingy spices, creates a mouthwatering contrast for exquisite and unique flavors.
– The warmer the sake, the sweeter its taste, the faster its consumption –
It is evident that sushi and wine fit together like a glove. This popular pairing defines the sushi experience, as the tradition of wine and seafood has always been a favorite to many!
There are no rules when it comes to the perfect choice of wine but it is advisable to match your wine selection according to your food pick – the ultimate deal is having dry wine (red or white) with sashimi to indulge in the raw taste of its rice-free texture. And when sushi is involved, tables turn to sweeter wine to match the rice flavor. Even champagne would do!