Salmon Love – The Healthiest Food.

Smoked, grilled, raw, marinated…we love Salmon in all its forms, with some preferences over the other. People have been enjoying this fish ever since its existence in our waters.

Its taste is unmatchable, we love to overdose on it; its texture is appetizing to the eye and mouth. We treat it like royalty, ahead of other seafood. Admit it, it’s a crowd’s favorite!

Salmon’s beauty goes beyond its mouthwatering flavor. It is easily considered of the healthiest foods on Earth. Here’s why.

Extremely rich with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Salmon improves control of the body’s inflammatory processes, provides a better overall cell function, improves the transfer of information between the body’s cells, and empowers the brain’s function. This is not to take lightly, Salmon does wonders.

Your intake of these acids from Salmon is associated with decreased risk of depression, decreased risk of hostility in some studies of teenagers, and decreased risk of cognitive decline in older persons; definitely a necessity for the human’s mind. This is food for the soul.

Do you know what it does to your eyes? Besides tempting you to eat them whole! Consumption of Salmon decreases risk of two eye-related problems: macular degeneration (a chronic eye problem in which material in the center of the retina on the back of the eyeball begins to deteriorate and cause loss of vision) and chronic dry eye. Want to preserve your eye sight? You know what to eat!

This is just the beginning for Salmon’s benefits, the list goes on and so does our increasing love for this super-food.