Quality Insurance at Sushi Ko

In a global food system where food comes from many sources and can travel great distances, food safety becomes even more important and complicated.

Because we touch the global food supply in so many ways and in so many places, we apply a system to ensure the safety of our products no matter where we are in this country.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, safe food every time, everywhere. And, although our definition of food safety is simple: protecting people from illness after handling or consuming our food, we know this is a complex challenge.

To address this challenge, we have adopted one system across all of our restaurants in the country, an approach that meets or exceeds the regulations in the country where we operate. The foundation of our food safety system is focused on prevention and designed to address biological, chemical and physical hazards.

The work we do in our restaurants is never finished. Every day we strive to earn the trust of our customers and consumers, beginning with the safety of the first product to improving food safety around the country.

Learn more about how we work every day to achieve our goal of providing you with high-quality, safe food every time, everywhere.



Our managers had a food safety training (ISO 22000 level 2) with Boecker and GWR.

Our kitchen team did training with our Quality manager “Rita Lahoud”; the training was based on the standard operating procedures (SOP): cooling procedures, receiving procedures, personal hygiene….



We have food safety checklists that we fill in all sushi ko branches and caterings:

  1. Receiving log: steps we need to follow to make sure that we are receiving up to standards products
  2. Refrigerators log: to make sure that our refrigerators are cold enough to store the food
  3. Acidity of rice checklist: to make sure our rice is safe to use
  4. Cooking and reheating checklist: to make sure that we are serving safe hot food
  5. Cleaning and deep cleaning checklist

In the same time, we have food safety posters in all our kitchens to remind the staff of the food safety rules.

Boecker visits us every month for the pest control.

Samples of the received products are sent to the laboratory to make sure that we are receiving safe food.

Also, we send a sample of water to test it.

Every 3 months, our staff makes the necessary tests to update their health cards.



We have a Quality manager who is responsible to check Sushiko kitchens (branches and catering).

She visits every kitchen once per week to make sure that the staff is following the food safety system.