Sushi Mythconceptions

Sushi Mythconceptions Among the most popular culinary exports in the world, Sushi carries with it a rich history, not just in flavors but in culture. This cuisine has just so much for people to gossip about and thus a bunch of misconceptions accumulated along the way… What is right and what is wrong, the must-know’s […]

Salmon Love – The Healthiest Food.

Smoked, grilled, raw, marinated…we love Salmon in all its forms, with some preferences over the other. People have been enjoying this fish ever since its existence in our waters. Its taste is unmatchable, we love to overdose on it; its texture is appetizing to the eye and mouth. We treat it like royalty, ahead of […]

Sake or Wine?

One myth suggests that you shouldn’t drink sake with sushi due to the fact that they are both made out of rice. Japanese would disagree with that, along with a lot of sushi eaters. It is also referred to as wine but this brew is, in fact, unlike any other. The volume of alcohol in […]


Shrimpaholic (part II)

It takes us more than a day to celebrate one of our favorite superfoods: Shrimp! As we’ve covered in (insert link of part I blog article), shrimp have a lot to offer as health benefits, beyond its deliciousness. How else can we profit from consuming this type of seafood? Besides weight loss, appetite control, premature […]

Shrimpaholic (part I)

Shrimp are among the most popular and delicious types of seafood, consumed worldwide, in Japanese cuisine and others. Along with its insatiable taste, come several health benefits to this ingredient, which ranks it among the ‘super foods’. Let’s get to the bottom of it, here’s what shrimp can do for you as a nutritional added […]

5 Interesting Facts about Sushi

5 Interesting Facts about Sushi You Probably Didn’t Know.   >> Sushi is not of Japanese Origin Southeast Asia is the source, around the Mekong River that fermented fish wrapped in sour rice known as Nare-zushi, originated. It made its way into China and definitely Japan. Hanaya Yohei is behind today’s modern Japanese cuisine concept. […]

7 Benefits of Sushi

7 Benefits of Sushi – Pleasurable Health with each Bite. >> Sushi is low in calories and high in Omega-3 fatty acids – life-span extended! >> Allergic to wheat? Dose up on rice, gluten-free and high on protein. >> Rice Vinegar accelerates your digestion and lowers high blood pressure risks – Also considered an efficient […]