Quality Insurance at Sushi Ko

In a global food system where food comes from many sources and can travel great distances, food safety becomes even more important and complicated. Because we touch the global food supply in so many ways and in so many places, we apply a system to ensure the safety of our products no matter where we […]

Sake or Wine?

One myth suggests that you shouldn’t drink sake with sushi due to the fact that they are both made out of rice. Japanese would disagree with that, along with a lot of sushi eaters. It is also referred to as wine but this brew is, in fact, unlike any other. The volume of alcohol in […]

Create Your Own Zen – Go Japanese

You’re at the comfort of your home and feel like having your sushi dosage; the food is covered, you can order online and with one click get it all done. But what about the mood, the setting and the Japanese feel that accompanies your dining experience? The Japanese culture is known for its serenity, tranquility […]

Must-Know Customs & Traditions Part II

Must-Know Japanese Customs & Traditions for an Authentic Sushi Experience. (Part II) If you haven’t caught up with Part I, you should totally head over to (insert link) to get on the path of an authentic know-how sushi experience right from the top! Let’s dig deeper and explore those Japanese customs. It keeps on getting […]

Must-Know Customs & Traditions Part I

Must-Know Japanese Customs & Traditions for an Authentic Sushi Experience. Living in any country that is not Japan might be in itself a factor that takes away from the first-hand overall eating process. Be it in the cuisine, environment, culture, do’s and don’ts or habits. That does not mean that we cannot eat sushi like […]